The ‘communal laundry house’ of ‘Lasdouts’, near the town of Gondrin in the South-West of France, is where I created a temporary installation in stoneware ceramics.

In this place I could emphasize different sensitivities I experimented with in the last years. This installation is also a reflection on the place itself and on the mediating role art can have.

This building for washing clothes and textile fabric is interesting enough: it is built on a spring, and consists of a square building with a circular pool in the middle. A door opens to the east and to the west, as these are the directions of the dominant winds. Somehow this washhouse is a small sanctuary of ordinary life: it is a stunning place although it served a daily and humble routine.

As a response to the place I made six clay structures reminiscent of the textile fabric touching the water and moving in the wind. The hands that washed the clothes may have gone, but the memory of them doing so remains, like a gesture.